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IImpact Hoop Lab is the best basketball skill training program in Sri Lanka, help basketball players of all age groups and different skill levels to reach their goals by providing elite training skills combined with game intelligence. We aspire to help young athletes achieve their goals by providing encouragement, education and accountability while also using modern equipment and technology for ambitious basketball players who want to reach next level.

Push harder than yesterday if you want on the different tomorrow.

Praneeth Udumalagala

Founder - IImpact Hoop Lab
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Story of IImpact Hoop Lab and its founder

IImpact Hoop Lab is a basketball skill training program that provides athletes with elite basketball skill training services from individual coaching sessions to small and focused groups. IImpact Hoop Lab is founded by Praneeth Udumalagala who’s currently playing for the Sri Lanka senior men’s national team and overseas. The 29-year-old first picked up a basketball in the 4th grade at St. Josephs College Colombo 10 and excelled in his career to be one of the youngest basketball players to play in the national team at the age of 18.

President sports award ‘Basketball player of the year 2015, USA college basketball – NAIA DIV. 1 SAC Conference Champions 3 years in a row, NAIA DIV.1 National champions and SAG 2019 Silver medal” are some of the top achievements in his basketball career.

IImpact Hoop Lab Today

After only two years in business, IImpact Hoop Lab has created a strong niche market in the basketball training sector. From ages 3 years to all the up to adult basketball players IImpact Hoop Lab currently trains close to 150 athletes we have trained over 200 athletes up to date since our inception. We offer athletes who are trying to improve their game performance the tools and guidance necessary to achieve their desired results. We provide education, motivation, and accountability to kids who are beginners in the sport as well as high school athletes to adult/pro basketball athletes in all different skill levels. IImpact Hoop Lab has grown steadily and consistently over the past years with hiring additional assistant coaches and student trainers to match its growth.


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